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Financial planning

Just like you need a route map for your destination, you need a financial plan to reach your financial goals. A Financial Plan acts as a roadmap to your financial life journey, marking the important milestones in your life and a defined path to get there. A Financial Plan is a highly customized document in which we do a thorough assessment of your income and expenses, asset and liabilities, risk profile, your specific goals including retirement, investments, taxation and insurance needs.

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The various sections of the plan are closely integrated to each other. We provide our recommendations along with an action plan which puts in place the various tasks to be performed from your and our side. Your detailed financial plan shall have the following sections, along with advisor’s opinion on each

  • Financial Health assessment
  • Cashflows Management
  • Goals Planning (includes retirement planning and life cash flows)
  • Investment management (asset allocation and risk profiling)
  • Insurance Planning
  • Tax Planning

Financial Planning is an ongoing process. Since the financial situation and goals may change over a period of time, the plan needs to be periodically reviewed and any changes that have future implications are required to be integrated in the existing plan. Hence, the first plan should not be considered final or definitive, but as part of the long term planning process.

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Investment management

A good investment portfolio does not chase returns. It chases the financial goals keeping in mind the risk taking ability, investment objectives and the tenure of investment. And hence we believe that financial planning must precede the investment plan. Financial planning helps in determining the asset allocation of the client based on his goals, risk profile and time horizon and thereby helps derive a rate of return, which must be earned on the investments in order to fulfill the goals.

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While a financial plan provides the overall asset allocation, in this service, we design an investment portfolio keeping in mind all of the above. The investment advisory services will include the following-

  • Research backed recommendation of a suitable investment portfolio, which aligns with the planning recommendations.
  • Opening of an online account for transacting and monitoring of the portfolio. We are using the iFAST platform for this purpose.
  • We offer advice on the following products – Mutual funds (execution services using Direct plans), Stocks, Fixed income products, International investments, Peer to Peer Lending products.
  • Periodical reviewing of the portfolio and rebalancing at appropriate times.

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Retirement planning

Retiring on your own terms is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. We perceive retirement as a new phase in an individual’s life where aspirations still remain, but they take a different form. While planning for one’s retirement is a part of financial planning, we design solutions for individuals who are nearing retirement or are retirees.

This service includes drawing up a retirement plan specific to one’s needs during the retirement years. It also entails advice on an appropriate plan for investment of the nest egg such that it lasts a lifetime. We understand that preservation of wealth takes precedence over growth during retirement years, hence we chalk out a portfolio plan keeping in mind the objective of reasonable return at reasonable risk.

Estate planning

Estate Planning in simple words is making known how one would like their estate to be handled after they are no more. An estate plan helps to distribute your wealth as you like, take care of the interest of minor children, prevent family disputes and avoid legal hassles for your loved ones.
We offer Will and Trust related services through our partners who are experts in the area of Estate Planning. A qualified Estate Planner counsels the clients’ on the best possible alternatives after understanding their overall situation with respect to their financial situation, goals, family, business etc.
It is a myth that Estate Planning is for either retirees or the wealthy. Anyone who has ownership of assets should ideally have an Estate Plan in place.

Insurance planning

Insurance is one of the most important pieces of people’s personal finances. But it is also the most neglected one – if the risks are not covered, one can be sure that the foundation of one’s financial life is weak and can crumble easily if any eventuality were to arise.
Insurance Planning is a part of overall FInancial Planning though we consult on this particular aspect as an independent service as well. Our endeavor is to ensure that you and your family are adequately protected against the different risks that you are exposed to. Here are some of the things we do as a part of this service

  • Assess your insurance need – Life, Health, Accident, Critical Illness and Home
  • Analyze and advise on the existing policies that you are holding
  • Recommend products which suit your requirement.